Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ha! Ha! I just couldn't stop laffin...

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Here is a dash of creativity. Maybe those hundreds of slimming centers and gyms could use this for advertising themselves. Taste this and see if it makes you rollick with laughter. I, for once, can't stop lafffin...hahahaha!!

AFTER ----------------- BEFORE

BTW, I MUST PUT THIS LINE HERE: (courtesy: my dost - Akshay)
"They really resemble a lot. One has six pack and one has six packed in one pack."

Super cool na? Thanks Aks :-)

I dunno how many times I'll have to edit this post. Here's another caption from another friend (again real cool. Sorry McD's! This one's against you!!!). Here it is:
McDonald's : Turning people from chickna to chubby"

Thanks Salil :-)

Here's more (now this is getting way too funny...haha!). Keep laffin...

SRK: Tum chubby kaise bane?
Fat Guy: French fries khao..khud jaan jaao."

"Turn your 'luggage' into 'package' - Talwalkar's gym"

Salil ka fir se shukriya!

Well, now here's the source. Actually, this is the Ad I saw today in the Mid-Day, Mumbai....What a rip-off!!! I said simply 'wow' and could stop rolling on the floor.
And it's from there that I created the above.

The ORIGINAL ad...
Have a great time! Cheers!


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Salil said...

SRK: Tum chubby kaise bane?
Fat Guy: French fries kaho..khud jaan jaao.

Salil said...

Turn your 'luggage' into 'package' - Talwalkar's gym

Aditya said...

maybe the other pic is of SRK 15 yrs down the line...:D..