Monday, August 20, 2007

It’s been long…

Well, it has actually been very long since I posted anything on my blog. So today I decided to take break from the treadmill of life and speak something out. And I definitely should, shouldn’t I? After all, what is ‘Mac’s blah-blah’ with out some chatter? So here goes:

To begin with, if you remember, I said ‘today I decided to break from the ‘treadmill of life’. I’d like to elaborate a little more on it. Why do I feel life to be a ‘treadmill’? Very simply put, it’s because I feel that there is motion, there is movement and yes, I am running, but for some reason I am stranded at a single spot. Though I am running, I am not going ahead and the views around me are not changing. So it’s like that sometimes I feel highly energetic to keep going and sometimes I am longing to stop but simply can’t. My legs keep succeeding each other, my muscles feel the strain and the sweat from my brow runs down my cheek. But I still don’t grasp what I am doing and importantly, why I am doing it? The cycle continues. Well, I don’t know what may be the outcome. Perhaps, the gains of all this running may turn out to be more surprising than I can imagine. Let’s leave it at that. For now, all I can say is that I hope for the best even though I strongly feel that I am try to win by running in a wrong race. And that’s why even what I am speaking may sound a bit confusing and mixed-up.

So out of the philosophical gyaan, let’s get into abhiyaan mode. Abhiyaan? It means a mission. And Yogesh is one guy, who mission I’d want you to know about. What really impresses me is this lad’s nerve of not only simply thinking about and looking up to another seriously great guy, but also his ability to emulate the person in the truest sense. The ‘another great guy’ I speak of is the ‘Crocodile Hunter’, late Steve Irwin. While Steve dedicated his entire life to conservation, protection and study of the crocs, our friend Yogesh here has become a Steve for snakes in his little hamlet. Aptly so he’s known as ‘Sarpa Mitra’ or Friend of the Snake. I had the opportunity and pleasure to meet Yogesh on my last holiday to his village where he showed me his lovely ‘twisties’ (read, snakes. I’d like to refer to them as that J). He told me of his activities and some fascinating tales. Well, though I am not going to post all of what he said, I’ll give you a link to my latest article in the Times of India that briefly summarizes Yogesh, his work, ideas and plans – in a nutshell, Yogesh’s mission.


I hope you’ll enjoy reading about him!!! I really feel we need more such men on different missions for the development of various facets in out society. To conclude, all I can say is Kudos to Yogesh, and also all those unsung heroes who are quietly working for various causes.

--> Picture 1: Yogesh with a rescued python whose mouth had been brutally sealed, or rather glued, by inserting a hot iron rod with a blob of cement around it.

--> Picture 2: Myself with one of Yogesh's twisties!! The one in my hand is a 'trinket', I am told.

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